7.200 CZK

By completing the course you will have four points deducted - you will receive a certificate of completion of the course on the basis of which the Traffic Inspectorate will deduct four points from your driver's points account.

The participant completes the course with his/her own or company vehicle.

Theoretical part - 3,5 hours / practical part 3 hours

Conditions of participation:

  • the driver must not have more than 10 penalty points
  • the driver must not have any single 6-point offence
  • booking required at least 6 days before the course
  • a statement of the driver's points record, not older than 3 days before the course
  • Accompanying driver is not possible
  • vehicle free of gross dirt
  • payment of the training price - the participant undertakes to pay the training fee in one lump sum within 3 days of registration