About the team

The STEELRING racing team is based on the foundation and experiences of the GREGOR RACING TEAM. Aside from the professional racing team, they focus on youth motorsport education and provide advertising services during motorsport events. The team also offers a racing base and service during national or internatonal races based on an abundance of experience.

Despite the friendly atmosphere comprised of drivers, trainers and mechanics, the team works by the motto "Per Aspera Ad Astra".

The foundation of the GREGOR RACING TEAM was started in 1989, when Martin Gregor together with his father entered the karting world. After retiring from his racing career he gained many years of valuable experience as an international karting mechanic. While working as a mechanic Martin mentored recognizable names such as Marek Jančo, siblings Zdeněk and Tereza Gróman and Lucie Panáčková. In 2008 Martin Gregor established the GREGOR RACING TEAM. Thanks to the above and below mentioned drivers, the GREGOR RACING TEAM has been and continues to be exceptionally successful. 

WINNER PAČR 2016 - ROTAX JUNIOR - Jáchym Galáš

WINNER MČR 2015 - ROTAX SENIOR - Jakub Kadlčák

WINNER MČR 2015 - BABY 60 - Eliška Bábíčková

WINNER MČR 2015 - EASY 60 MLADÍ - Adam Kowalski

WINNER PAČR 2015 - MINI 60 - Tereza Bábíčková

WINNER MSR 2015 - ROTAX JUNIOR - Nikolas Szabó

WINNER MSR 2015 - ROTAX SENIOR - Jakub Kadlčák

WINNER MSR 2014 - ROTAX MASTER - Ivo Polášek

WINNER MSR 2014 - ROTAX SENIOR - Jakub Kadlčák

WINNER MSR 2014 - ROTAX JUNIOR - Nikolas Szabó

WINNER MČR 2012 - Vojtěch Kůrka

WINNER MP 2012 - Petr Kresta

WINNER MSR 2011 - Patrik Pastorok

WINNER KC 2011 - David Rychtár

WINNER KC 2011 - Jakub Krysta

WINNER MP 2011 - Petr Kresta

WINNER MSR 2010 - Patrik Pastorok

2nd PLACE ČR 2009 - Lukáš Vrečka

WINNER MSR 2007 - Lucie Panáčková

WINNER MSR 2006 - Lucie Panáčková

WINNER MSR 2005 - Adam Čermák

WINNER MČR 2004 - Zdeněk Groman

WINNER MSR 2003 - Marek Jančo

WINNER MČR 1996 - Martin Gregor